Bringing the paths of magick together through the symbolism and power of the sword.

Bringing the paths of magick together through the symbolism and power of the sword.

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How It All Started

by Jim Slagle

My present journey of discoveries in realms of blades had earlier antecedents than those I mentioned here. Yet, in the interest of brevity, I will save the telling of those tales for another time. For now, I will mention only these four pre- Angel Sword occurrences:

About ten years ago, I became intrigued with a line of folding knives by Boker. The handles were of titanium. The blades were ceramic. There were two sizes, one with a four inch blade, and a smaller one with a two inch blade. When I clicked open the larger knife, it seemed too big, too powerful, too dangerous and menacing for me to own it. I admired it, but I was appalled by its power. I feared the power symbolized by this knife, and literally envied the image of those who could wield it properly. I intended to return to this one later, some day when I could handle it. The smaller knife was good enough for me. I kept it, and often carried it my pocket for the next several years.

About five years ago, while I was practicing a simple Chi Kung exercise, my thoughts were drawn to that small knife, which was in my pocket at the time. I drew out the knife and opened it. What a revelation! It was as if the very tip of this sharp, ceramic blade pointed directly to a spot where two different worlds (the material world, and the other world) make contact with each other. Out of the experiences that ensued, I eventually did return to the larger knife mentioned above, and found it to be a fine companion.

About a year after that, a friend showed me an officer's sword which his father had received decades ago, upon graduation from West Point. The instant I held it, I noticed how lively this blade felt, as if it were living thing. In my imagination, it was almost as if could cast a mark on any object in the room, simply by pointing the blade. But the beam it cast could reach to objects in the other world as well. It was then that I first knew, with certainty, I would one day seek to possess a sword.

Last year, while looking somewhat absentmindedly at a picture of a men's full length black leather coat, I was struck with an intensely numinous image. I have an excellent imagination, but it is rare to such a gripping image. I fancied myself wearing that coat, and holding a sword. This blade felt every bit as powerful as I could imagine a sword could be. I was at the center this image. Surrounded by a mild setting of rain and darkness, I myself was radiant with vital energy that crackled and emanated in countless white glowing streams, ranging in form from lightning bolts down to the finest threads and filaments of living energy. The sword was a powerful focusing instrument. It was such a serious instrument that merely thinking of this object gives one the ability to direct great energies at will. The coat served dual functions, providing containment so that these intense energies could be managed, and also providing a visual sign of authority. The image was captioned, as it were, with in impression of the word "Highlander". 

I described the "Highlander" experience my friend, Lyle. At his suggestion, I found the Angel Sword website. 

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