Bringing the paths of magick together through the symbolism and power of the sword.

Bringing the paths of magick together through the symbolism and power of the sword.

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Going with the Flow

by Cyrissa-Dawn

Going with THE FLOW?  What is THE FLOW?  How can you feel THE FLOW?  This was my experience recently.  My mate Joe Rose received a special invitation to the secret forge of Angel Sword.  If any of you are "rennies" (I have been involved in Ren Fairs for 7 years now) from TRF or Scarborough then you might be familiar with Angel Sword.  If not, I hope you soon will be.

I have never bothered much with swords.  A sword never fit into my costume.  Coming from a gypsy background, swords really weren't part of my path either.  I walked by Angel Sword every year.  As all the guys were oohing, aahing, drooling, and exclaiming "Look at this one!" I am usually the one going "Yea, yeah, yeah sharp pointy sticky thing.  I really want to go see the flute maker."

Even when I role-played, my favorite weapon was a hammer or a mace.  I never liked edged weapons.  Highlander was cool but I never saw myself swinging a sword.  Even in my magickal path, I used my hands or a wand.  Then (music up: dun dun DUN) Joe and I entered the showroom of Angel Sword.  I found a beautiful staff with a purple orb in a dragon claw.  She started to talk to me.  I nudged Joe, "Joe, I think I am going crazy, that staff is talking to me."  Joe just laughed.

I milled around listening to several conversations on sword making, steel types, and swordplay.  The phrase "Live Steel" kept coming up.  What was "Live Steel"?  I thought it was a real sword vs. a display sword.  As I was milling I heard someone yell "Joe".  This is not an unfamiliar sound seeing it is "THE" Joe Rose after all.  The guy had a familiar face but I am so bad with names.  "Hi Sweetie" I said and then realized it was a fellow solitaire, Kevin.  We ended up hanging around together most of the afternoon.

Daniel finally announced, "It's time!  Let's go see the forge."  Joe is now like a three year old at Yule, eyes beaming bright.  Daniel's first priority was to show off his newest work -- Wootz Damascus steel.  The Celtic knot work blade anchored itself to Joe like a magnet.  As Joe, Kevin and I were listening to one of Daniel's stories on sword making, a couple of people walked in.  Joe went right over to them to show off the Celtic blade.  Kevin whispers "You know that is his blade." I laid my head on his shoulder with a sign, "I know.  There goes my front porch."

What I learned in the forge would change my view on swords and even my life.  Daniel is a magician and not the David Copperfield type.  He is a magickal sword smith.  When he makes a blade he does it both traditionally and magickally.  This all sounded incredible, but I still didn't see why you would need a blade for magick.  When I expressed my feelings aloud to Joe, Daniel overheard me and asked what I meant.  I told him I never felt any need to use a blade in circle as I channel enough by myself, and don't need any help.  Daniel said "Wait right here."  I could here him in the workshop creating something.  He came out with a sword.  He put it in my hand and I felt "THE FLOW" I grounded instantly.  A golden teardrop-shaped orb suddenly surrounded me, making Joe step back to give it room.

As I was standing there with this sword pointing north and all that was in my mind was "I'm not worthy", Daniel told me not to push or pull any Energy - just feel.  I closed my eyes and Daniel said "Keep them open.  Be in both worlds at the same time.  You exist in both, not one or the other."  He had me align the chakras with the sword.  This exercise taught me to work with "THE FLOW".  It isn't a push or a pull but a power within.  I was in tears when I was done.  As Joe and I talked on the way home, we realized just how magickal the day had been.  A door opened I had never known was there.

I couldn't wait to go to Scarborough Faire in hopes that my sword would be there.  I saved all I could for the down payment.  Angel Sword was the first vendor we went to and I looked around to see if I could find it.  I asked one of the guys about the sword and I told him Daniel made it for me at the forge.  As I turned, I saw a new friend I met at the forge.  He was helping other customers.  As I waited to say hi, suddenly I "target-locked".  I had found "MY SWORD".  When it got to be my turn, his eyes never left mine.  I beamed when he pulled the sword.  There it was.  A ship could have found me in the worst fog I lit up so bright.  He led me to the back so I could be one with the sword.

This sword was mine.  She had waited for me.  I must have stood there holding her for three hours.  As I stood there, she came to life.  She told me all about what she could do.  This is what "Live Steel" means.  The swords are alive.  I finally got to the counter to start my paperwork.  Thank the Goddess Daniel does lay-a-way!  As I was being one with my Blade, Joe noticed they were short handed.  Earlier that week Daniel had put out an email asking for help, so Joe stepped behind the counter and started selling.  As Joe made his first sale Daniel yelled out "Hire that man!"  This whole time Joe was looking for his blade, but it wasn't there.

The next weekend Joe was still looking for the Celtic Knotwork Blade.  It wasn't until closing on Saturday that Joe found it.  As he took it off the wall rack to oil it, the sword started to hum.  It took him by surprise, as it looked different from how it had at the forge.  Joe went over and asked Daniel if this was the same blade from the forge, and Daniel said yes.  That night Joe and I talked to the wee hours about the hum.  "That is your blade and you know it.  That hum you felt was 'THE FLOW'", I told him.  The next day we got in a half-hour late.  Joe went to where the sword had been and it was gone.  Daniel noticed the deflation in Joe's eyes.  "Oh, we rearranged a bit" Daniel said to Joe.  "Your sword is over there" pointing to a hidden obscure corner.  Daniel had hidden the sword because he knew it belonged to Joe.  He immediately put the sword on lay-a-way.  It's ok; I don't need a front porch.

Daniel knew what to put in our hands to give us "THE FLOW".  He is a true magician.

Cyrissa-Dawn is a regular contributor to Sword Arts and has been writing articles for us since the dawn of this realm.  She is a Third Generation American Gypsy of the most wonderful kind and has many gifts including Shuvani, Tarot, Scrying and Reiki, and is a lover of fairies and things wild.  Cyrissa is a long-standing member of the Council of Magickal Arts, a professional psychic at The Crystal Forest in San Antonio, Texas, and is currently studying for her masters degree in History at the University of Texas at San Antonio.
This article was also published in:
     Accord: Journal of the Council of Magickal Arts
     Volume 22, Issue 2 (Summer 2002)
     pp 8-9

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