Bringing the paths of magick together through the symbolism and power of the sword.

Bringing the paths of magick together through the symbolism and power of the sword.

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The Magickal Blade

Given in Speech by Daniel Watson
Edited by Jeremy Liebbe and Shawn Rizzo

When it comes to sword magick things work in different ways, primarily because most steel has a random crystalline structure.  Example in point are stainless steel blades like our Buccaneer series  pieces which have a random crystalline structure.  Energy that is transferred and focused through these blades will have a random pattern, an unfocused ray per se, that reflects the randomness in the steel.  Now, through hand forging, like in the Angel Sword series, the crystals in the steel become more highly aligned, thus allowing energy focused through the blade to become equally aligned creating a much tighter form.  This crystallization can be created in more modern fashion through a process, called hot rolling, where you take a big bar of steel and roll it down into a fine line.  If this is done at exactly the right temperature range you will get a more highly aligned grain structure.  Anciently this alignment was produced through hammer and anvil as we do in both the Angel Sword and Avatar series.  In the Angel sword the crystalline structure becomes focused down the length of the piece.

On these pieces if you go flat versus edge versus point you will feel that there are different energies.  In the flat of the blade I feel energy absorption while on the edge I feel it projecting.  At the point the whole thing moves.  So, from this we could think of steel as crystal, more correctly multi-crystal.  When the crystals become sufficiently small and highly aligned the steel will work energetically as though it were a single crystal.

Now,  a blade that has a random crystalline structure can transfer energy though you have to force the energy through it just as you can any other object, the blade will not work by itself.  A blade that has the proper metallurgy, however, wants to sing, it wants to go there and will do some, if not most, of the work for you as it has a structured physical channel that the energy wants to run through.  The random structure has the shape but lacks the song.  It will not naturally gather and focus so that when you push energy through it you are no better of than using your naked hand.

A piece that works well is like pouring water down a tube, the tube will focus the water and keep it focused all the way through the other end.  Comparatively if you are just pouring the water and tossing it over that way, well, the water will get there but it winds up splashing around instead of being properly focused.  With focused steel you have a better pipe, per se, as it will gather what you are putting into it and also pull from the surrounding energies to augment what you give.  Focused steel also works as a better antenna.  Whether you are pushing through it or inhaling through the piece you find the same order, the same focus in each direction.

Now, with a double edge you spend a lot of time working the focus at the point, which makes it very good for drawing.  Use a double edge to work the horizon, to work to the heavens and to work to the earth.

With a single edge you have more of a wave or plane to focus with as opposed to a point.  It isn't sharpened on both sides and tends to be stronger there.  So, with a single edge you can work your way to the side or in a wave pattern.  The way you move the energy through the blade is going to be different.  Here the absorption tends to be along the back and is focused out into the edge.

I like the single edge better for cleansing and healing while I prefer the double edge more appropriate to things I want to do and places I want to go.  Let's say I am working for just myself, then I will set up a double flow in a single edge so it is both inhaling and exhaling.  I tend to start off by sending out an initial breath of acknowledgement, a thank you of sorts.  To work around, say 'hello' and then 'hello' again then listen for the response as the blade is a good antenna.

Like a television or radio I'll acknowledge the channel I want to listen to and then shut up and listen to see what is out there, what comes back to me.  A lot of us tend to talk a lot instead of being here...the thing is you are still here, you didn't go away someplace else.  You simply turned on the TV, so what channel are you getting?  If you talk to much you aren't listening to what is going on.  While some of us can walk and chew bubble gum at the same time we cannot talk and listen at the same time.

Unlike many other people I don't close or shut off and just go into the other space, I acknowledge the continuance and I stretch the continuum to include more.  It is no longer there and here, it's a here and there and everywhere in between.  Stretch it, stretch the boundaries, don't just live another day and expand your horizons.

Double edge I find is very good for tuning those channels into those places for me, whereby bringing it all in.  I will focus into this chakra, this energy center, and allow the piece to ground itself and me at the same time.  If you have to focus on grounding, well, that's a different thing.

Classically one of the things they did with the training of a warrior was to train them to be aware of when a blade was drawn.  It was as simple as feeling the difference between a point going down and one going up.  Everyone in the room, if properly trained, would know the moment a blade was drawn and where that blade was.  There are a lot of stories in the oriental arts of feeling the cut before it happens, allowing you to get out of the way.

Try it sometime, feel the difference in the cut when a blade passes against you flatly as opposed to through the point.  Can you feel the difference, can you feel the cut?

When you hold a double edge with the flat of the blade towards you you hold it in a healing grip.  The plane of life and death exists but you exist outside of it.  When you hold a blade with the edge towards or away from you then that is the killing grip.  You become one with the wheel of life and death.  In the healing grip I am protected and thus someone else must cross that wheel to come to me.  In the killing grip I am in the wheel of life and death, prepared to wield that wheel against a foe. 

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